The first industrial research project in the new academic year

We are happy to announce the first industrial research project in the new academic year. The project has officially started and will be conducted in INNOFEIT, with cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) in Skopje, and ITS ISKRATEL, Skopje, Macedonia.The project titled: “BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND FORECAST – BIG DAF” is run by Assistant Professor Hristijan Gjoreski, a member of the Institute for Computer Technologies and Engineering (CPI) at FEEIT, and the students Simon Stankoski and Ivana Kiprijanovska, who are in their final year of the undergraduate studies at FEEIT.

The project is in the domain of predicting production and consumption of electricity, which is a problem of growing interest – especially now with the liberalization of the electricity market in the Republic of Macedonia. Detailed systems for monitoring energy consumption are of great importance for distributors of electricity. The purpose of this project is to develop models for automatic prediction of consumption and production of electricity using algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is to use these models as a tool for better power management as well as optimizing the load on the power grid.

ITS ISKRATEL Telecommunication Systems Ltd. is one of the main providers of telecommunication equipment in the Republic of Macedonia in the last 60 years, and is the leading system integrator for designing, implementing and maintaining ICT solutions.