INNOFEIT’s collaboration with Inform now backed with NOKIA’s Smart City platform

Smart cities and the internet of things is the future, and Nokia is a significant global leader in this space. This week, our executive team met with Mr. Darko Giljevic from Nokia Networks, prof. Dr. Dimitar Tashkovski, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEIT) Dean and prof. Dr. Vladimir Atanasovski, Vice-Dean for finances and Managing Director of INNOFEIT. We discussed the IoT platform that Nokia granted access to the Faculty to use for teaching and research. It is a first university partnership of this kind that Nokia has made in Southeastern Europe. The initial project that will be launched and tested on their Impact Platform is the Portable Air Pollution Monitor and Cloud Support Platform, a smart device for global markets, developed here in Macedonia as a result of Inform’s partnership with INNOFEIT.

This collaboration comes from Nokia’s unique position to help governments, communications service providers and large enterprises to deliver successfully on the promise of smart cities. Nokia solutions are designed to provide shared, secure and scalable platform that ensure the best use of urban resources and data to enable the human possibilities of smart, safe and sustainable cities. Nokia’s work is perfectly designed to add more value to our product by adding a plug-and-play functionality in cities around the world, further developing it into a functional piece of technology ready to inspire other companies to do the same. (

Nokia’s Impact platform offers everything that INNOFEIT needs and more – generating more interest for the students, for startups and other businesses to innovate and develop products and services. Among other great supporters of INNOFEIT, Nokia Networks is uniquely positioned to give substantial help for development and performance feedback of their products and testing results.

For more than 150 years Nokia is responding to a changing world, and never more so than in the last few. Driven by the vision and pioneering spirit of Nokia Bell Labs, rewarded with 9 Nobel prizes for

its work, it is innovating, exploring, discovering new and better ways to transform technologies and businesses through 5G, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things among others.

Nokia Croatia builds bridges of cooperation and friendship by reinforcing traditionally good relations between Macedonia and Croatia. It helps building links to Macedonia in its aspirations for joining the club of modernly crafted societies in the European Union.

Nokia promotes quality of life, help digitize society and prepare it for the challenges of the future. It brings world class technology to Macedonia, enabling development of its society in accordance to state-of-the-art ideas and achievements.

How did everything start?

Inform fits well in this partnership, as a Macedonian firm with 20 years experience developing health and medical hardware and software for global partners. In 2018, Inform was granted project funds through the Macedonian Fund of Innovations FITR for the further development and commercialization of technology invented within academia at FEIT. As one of FEIT’s initial partners on INNOFEIT, Inform recognizes the incredible opportunities available in partnership with Macedonia’s excellent faculties, and is invested in a long-term relationship with the university.

The Portable Air Pollution Sensor is a smart and compact digital device that can be used to reveal the real percentage of air pollution in the environment that it is placed in. The device will offer real-time data available to government inspectors to enforce government and municipal regulations, as well as allow concerned citizens to measure the level of air pollution in a particular area. It then automatically uploads the results to a cloud in an online database, providing readers with insights that will further help them validate the polluters and react accordingly. It is built to EU standards and all partners anticipate reaching a wide market within Europe and abroad