INNOFEIT DIH held its third workshop

INNOFEIT DIH held its third workshop on the 30th March 2023 for its network partners. The workshop was focused on showcasing the 4 prototypes developed by experts from INNOFEIT DIH in the last 9 months, which were supported by a co-financed grant for capacity strengthening of INNOFEIT DIH by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (FITD). Presented prototypes were developed in close cooperation with companies that are supporters of INNOFEIT DIH and focused on different aspects of using IoT in contemporary technology solutions for e-medicine, photovoltaic systems and telemetric parameters monitoring.

The third workshop is the final one within the co-financed project by FITD. We use this occasion to express our sincere gratitude to FITD for the support that resulted in significant activities boost, expanded network, membership in numerous European initiatives/networks and state-of-the-art IoT laboratory open for experimentation to all interested stakeholders.