INNOFEIT DIH held its second workshop

INNOFEIT held its Open Day 2022 and the second DIH workshop within the project “Capacity strengthening of the Digital Innovation Hub – INNOFEIT”, co-financed by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (FITD) of N. Macedonia. The goal of both events was to showcase developed prototypes for industrial partners in the last 4 years as well as to present current IoT experiments for DIH supporting companies. Finally, the workshop was also used to present the state-of-the-art IoT laboratory of INNOFEIT DIH, first of its kind in the country. The laboratory is equipped with all tools and development systems for rapid prototyping (e.g., 3D printer, CNC router, SDKs, sensors and actuators etc.) and is open for all interested parties striving to develop novel and innovative digital solutions, thus contributing towards digital transformation and technology transfer in N. Macedonia. The workshop participants comprised stakeholders from the quad-helix of the ICT smart specialization working group.