Cooperation agreement signed between INFORM and INNOFEIT

21 June, 2018, Skopje. Inform DOO Skopje and the Center for Technology Transfer and Innovations – INNOFEIT signed an agreement for cooperation and development of projects whose goal is to contribute to the expansion of opportunities for the students and the development of the economy in Macedonia.

Having in mind the goals of expansion and intensifying the cooperation with the business community, Inform and INNOFEIT will work together on a string of innovative technological projects and solutions, and by doing this students will be allowed to work on these projects for the first time in Macedonia.

– For these reasons, we have initiated an initiative for cooperation by giving the functionality of the Higher Educational Institutions to the business sector in Macedonia.

Macedonia has a good business climate and a qualified labor force, where the need for developing production capacities, improving business skills and knowledge, as well as increasing the cooperation of domestic companies with partners from other countries is felt.

– The way that the companies operate today may offer a lot for the domestic and international market – say from Inform.

Through this cooperation, both sides hope for a positive start on strengthening the capacities of the business sector and the academic community in the country, as well as an idea that will attract the attention of other companies to decide on such a step.

The key elements of the agreement consist of a permission to use the premises where INNOFEIT works, thus enabling the realization of projects in cooperation with the teaching staff and students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje.

The work on practical projects will be essential in the new study programs and will enable the students to become familiar with teamwork, working in certain deadlines and the most important, working on a precise and practical problem – says professor Atanasovski, vice-president for finance and cooperation with the economy at FEEIT and director of INNOFEIT.